Welcome to "Hearing the Pulitzers," a new podcast that examines and analyzes each winning Pulitzer Prize in Music composition and composer!

In the first episode, Andrew and Dave discuss the impetus behind starting the podcast, how each episode will be organized, and some opening thoughts on the history of the music prize and the whole concept and meaning of the Pulitzer Prize. Please subscribe to receive each new episode.

If you're interested in further reading or want to see what resources we used for this episode, we recommend:

  1. Julia K. Kuhlman's "Prizes, Winning, and Identity: Narrative Vocal Music of the Pulitzer Prize, 2008–2018"
  2. Heinz-Dietrich Fischer's edited book The Pulitzer Prize Winners for Music (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2010). 

We also want to thank the Society for American Music for their support of this podcast through their Sight and Sound Subvention. The Society for American Music is dedicated to the study, teaching, creation, and dissemination of all musics in the Americas, so check out their many outstanding projects.

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