In this episode, Dave and Andrew explore the winner of the fourth Pulitzer Prize in Music, Leo Sowerby for Canticle of the Sun. You might not have heard of Sowerby unless you regularly perform church music, but in the mid-20th century he was a powerhouse, especially in the Chicago musical scene. See what we think about Sowerby's setting of Francis of Assisi's hymn and why we think Sowerby might be overlooked today.

If you'd like more information about Canticle of the Sun and Leo Sowerby, we recommend:

  1. Brice Gerlach's dissertation "Leo Sowerby's The Canticle of the Sun: An Analysis for Performance."
  2. Timothy Sharp's article "The Choral Music of Leo Sowerby: A Centennial Perspective," which you can find in The Choral Journal. 35, no. 8 (1995): 9–19.
  3. A good recording of the piece:
  4. Leo Sowerby's papers and archives at Northwestern University: