In this episode, Dave and Andrew revisit Elliott Carter, who won his first Pulitzer in 1960. They awarded his String Quartet No. 2 two big thumbs up. Will they be as enthusiastic about Carter's String Quartet No. 3?

If you'd like more information about Elliott Carter and his String Quartet No. 3, we recommend:

  1. This performance of the String Quartet No. 3 by the Jack Quartet.
  2. Andrew W. Mead's article "Pitch Structure in Elliott Carter's String Quartet No. 3" in Perspectives of New Music,  vol. 22, no. 1/2 (Autumn, 1983 - Summer, 1984): 31-60
  3. Laura Emmery's book Compositional Process in Elliott Carter's String Quartets: A Study in Sketches (Routledge, 2020)