In this episode, Dave and Andrew discuss the third person to win two Pulitzers, Samuel Barber. Barber's prize-winning opera Vanessa was a qualified hit in Episode 16, but how does his Piano Concerto stack up?


John Browning (pianist)

(Photo of Pianist John Browning, 1966)


If you'd like more information about Samuel Barber or his Piano Concerto No. 1, we recommend:

  1. Emily Lu's 1986 dissertation from the University of Wisconsin, "The Piano Concerto of Samuel Barber"
  2. Jonathan Blumhofer's fascinating discussion of the piece in "Rethinking the Repertoire #13 – Samuel Barber’s Piano Concerto"
  3. The interview with pianist John Browning in the Peter Dickinson edited volume Samuel Barber Remembered (Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2010.